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Probe & Laser Solutions from CNC Engineering, Inc.

Probe Integrations

High accuracy CNC probe and laser measurement systems increase productivity by inspecting parts, compensating for work piece variances and qualifying tools (tool setting) with minimal or no operator intervention.

CNC Engineering has installed thousands of high accuracy probe systems throughout North America on all types of machine tools. In 2009, we were recognized as the exclusive Northeast Renishaw Distributor Integrator (RDI).  Our qualified manufacturing engineers will configure probe or laser systems to meet each customer's particular needs. A standard package includes probe hardware, an interface unit, probing software, professional installation, and thorough training. Renishaw RMP600 ProbeOther services include specialized macro programs or customized probing software based on user requirements.

Integration Services

Professional installation for a new probing system is just as important as the probing system itself.  Improper installation can cause unexpected machine downtime or bad probe measurements for a number of reasons:

  • Improper grounding can cause erroneous probe triggers
  • Poor wiring installation can cause sporadic probe triggers or shorts
  • Machine power supplies can be damaged as a result of wiring shorts, chips on boards, boards falling, etc.

Below are some examples of the high standards CNC Engineering applies to all of our probing system integrations:

  • Wires and cables are run in machine electrical troughs or conduit, depending on environmental constraints.
  • Wires and cables are terminated properly on labeled terminal blocks.  Wire nuts or butt splices are never used.
  • Interface modules are always secured to a panel and never placed on the cabinet floor where chips and tools can cause an electrical short.

Custom Macro B Programming

Through the use of variables and conditional instructions, custom macro B programming allows you to automate machine tool operations beyond the capabilities of traditional G-code programming.  Custom macro B programming is also the backbone of any high-level automated probing solution for CNC machine tools. 

In addition to our design and integration expertise, the application engineers at CNC Engineering, Inc have decades of experience with custom macro B programming.  Our in-depth knowledge allows us to create custom macro B programs that can:

  • Reduce set-up time
  • Reduce part-to-part load time
  • Improve part inspection

Probe & Laser Hardware

CNC Engineering uses Renishaw and Blum probe and laser hardware.

In the 1970's Renishaw brought to market the first probe systems.  Today, they are the leading manufacturer of probing systems and offer one of the most complete lines of probe systems covering CMM's, machining centers and lathes.  CNC Engineering, Inc is the exclusive Northeast Renishaw Distributor Integrator.

Check out our Renishaw Parts Catalog and request a quote. 

Blum-Novotest GmbH is recognized as a developer of leading-edge measurement and testing technology, with some 40 years of experience as partner for the worldwide machine tool, automotive and aircraft industries.

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