CNC Roll Grind Retrofits

CNC Retrofit for Roll Grinder

CNC Engineering’s Roll Grind Retrofit solution combines the reliability of a new FANUC CNC system with the power of Open Vision™ Grind software. The robust operator interface and advanced CNC hardware mean easier operation and less downtime, as well as better access to support, service, and parts if needed.

Open Vision™ Grind for Roll Grinders has a user-friendly, intuitive interface designed specifically for programming and operation of CNC Roll Grinders. Software features include

  • Custom Roll Crown Editor for profiling of;
     - Cosine Angle
     - Crown Width
     - Crown Height
     - Taper Adjustment
     - Plunge Groove

     - Spiral Groove
  • Open Vision Grind's generic sequence editor for dubs and cutoffs
  • Manual Handle Interrupt, allowing the operator to override feed increment
  • Continuous Traverse to semi-automatically discontinue feed increment
  • In-Cycle override of wheel speed
  • In-Cycle override of work speed
Roll Crown Editor for Spiral Groove
Roll Crown Editor for Spiral Groove


Sequence Editor for Dubs
Sequence Editor for Dubs



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