FANUC CNC Retrofits

Extend the life and improve the productivity of your investments in your existing CNC machines with a turnkey FANUC CNC Control Retrofit

Turnkey FANUC CNC Retrofits

CNC Engineering is the largest and most experienced FANUC retrofitter in North America. Our customers range in size from small manufacturers to Fortune 500 companies like Boeing, GE, General Dynamics and UTC. 

We know how important your machine is, so we take extra care to retrofit as quickly as possible and ensure the machine will run better than ever...for many years to come.

FANUC CNC Retrofit Highlights:

  • We guarantee that your new FANUC CNC system will run better, faster, and be more productive

  • Our installation teams live-and-breathe FANUC Retrofits; that’s all they do and they’re the best in the business

  • Authorized CNC Systems Integration expertise; FANUC controls have many powerful options and we will work together to integrate these to your machine and manufacturing process

  • Hands-on training and detailed retrofit documentation will ensure that you get the most out of your new FANUC CNC system


Should You Retrofit Your CNC Machine?

Are you dealing with constant maintenance headaches?  With retrofits starting at $75,000 will it cost less to retrofit than to replace the machine? Is the machine in good mechanical shape?


If you answered YES to these questions, then you should consider a CNC Retrofit.

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Why Choose CNC Engineering?

Our FANUC CNC Retrofits are engineered toward OSHA, NFPA, and ANSI standards.  We focus on minimizing downtime during your retrofit installation by working long days, multiple shifts, and/or weekends. CNC Engineering is also one of the first to be recognized as a FANUC Authorized CNC System Integrator; backed by lifetime support from us and from FANUC America.


How Does A FANUC Retrofit Work?

First, we'll get to know your machine.  Then, we'll take care of engineering, pre-assembly, and testing at our facility.  After delivering the pre-assembled retrofit package to you, we'll send our professional Installation Team and Control Engineer to complete the retrofit at your facility.  The average retrofit requires two (2) weeks of machine downtime.

Extended Retrofit Solutions

Machine Tool Rebuilds

Sometimes, both a FANUC CNC retrofit and mechanical rebuild are required to maximize machine tool productivity and reliability. In these cases, we work with our rebuild partners to design the right solution for your machine tool and manufacturing process.
Talk to one of our engineers about retrofitting vs rebuilding


Some customers have the resources to handle the installation and startup portions of a FANUC CNC Retrofit project. For these customers, we developed a Do-It-Yourself FANUC CNC Retrofit package that includes FANUC hardware, parameters, and logic.
Learn more about our Do-It-Yourself FANUC CNC retrofit kits

Open Vision™ Grind

Open Vision™ Grind is a universal grinding application that can be tailored to your specific machine. The software supports most ID, OD, Step, Surface, Thread, Roll, and Creep Feed grinders out of the box. Plus, it can be configured for your axes & unique features.
Learn more about Open Vision™ Grind for FANUC CNC grinding machines



What is the typical investment for a FANUC CNC Retrofit?
A basic, 2-axis machine tool retrofit runs between $75,000 - $100,000. This investment includes a new FANUC control, servo motors & drives, engineering, pre-assembly, testing, on-site installation at your facility, startup, debug, training and thorough documentation. Larger or more complex machines will require a larger investment.
Do I need to ship my machine to CNC Engineering?
CNC Engineering specializes in on-site, or in-field, FANUC Control Retrofits. We will pre-assemble and pre-test the FANUC hardware and software before shipping the package to your manufacturing facility. A highly qualified install team will complete the installation, startup, debug and training portion of your retrofit without any need to move the machine tool.
When should I retrofit my CNC machine?

Before you need to! Often a customer is aware that the technology and components on their machines are outdated. However, there is a natural tendency to wait until something breaks. While this may be an acceptable philosophy for your lawn mower, the maintenance of your machine tools needs to be approached more strategically.

A critical machine breakdown can seriously damage your production and jeopardize relationships with your customers. Take control and retrofit your machines before they break down. This will provide you the ability to "plan and schedule" the machine downtime needed for the retrofit.

What is the usual lead time and downtime for a FANUC CNC Retrofit?
For the average FANUC control retrofit, our current lead time is 12-14 weeks to engineer and deliver the retrofit hardware package. Installation, startup, debug and training (downtime) usually requires a minimum of an additional 2 -3 weeks.
Can I install the FANUC Retrofit package myself?
Yes, if you have experienced personnel in machine wiring and controls. We will usually send an engineer to work with your installers to complete the startup & debug phase. Keep in mind that many companies maintenance departments are understaffed and therefore the retrofit installation may take substantially longer.
What are the benefits of retrofitting my machine?
Benefits of a FANUC CNC Control Retrofit include, but are not limited to:
  • Increased uptime - reliability
  • Increased production capacity
  • Decreased repair costs
  • Shorter cycle times
  • Reduced scrap
  • Increased employee confidence