FANUC Robotic Automation

Add automated robot tending with part inspections directly on your machine for highly efficient and reliable unattended processes

FANUC Robot Machine Tending

Robotic Automation is fundamental to the future of manufacturing; enabling companies to substantially increase production by automating their manufacturing process. What was once a pioneer of innovation, has become an industry standard with countless applications for almost any part of the manufacturing process.

As part of an overall Automation Strategy, we can implement the following technologies to help you achieve unattended machining:

  • Robotic Machine Part Tending

  • Robotic Pallet Changing

  • Robotic Machine Tool Changing

  • In-Process and Post-Process Part Inspection

  • Tool Monitoring & Adaptive Control


FANUC 200iD-7L Robot
FANUC 2000iD Robot

Building your Automation Cell

Understanding & Design

It's important when automating to have a comprehensive understanding of the existing process.  We will explore multiple approaches to ensure the most effective cell layout. 

Items to consider: 

  • Cell footprint 

  • Maintenance and Operators safety requirements

  • Part quantity to support  

  • Part cycle times

  • Part inspection requirements

  • Part Entering and existing of the cell


M10i Drawer System-2
Inspection Camera

Engineering & Programming

Once a cell design is established engineering of the following items are essential for reliability and repeatability. 

  • Robot end of arm tooling

  • Correct robot model with reach and payload

  • Cycle speed requirements

  • Location and part tolerances

  • Part work holding and handling

  • Lighting, tolerances, and profiles if utilizing vision inspection 

Ready to begin Automating? 

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