CNC Machine Enhancement

Innovative integration solutions for FANUC CNC-controlled machine tools, including rotary tables, Renishaw probes and D'Andrea U-axes

Rotary Tables

Adding additional axes, like Rotary Tables can help reduce setup and downtime and enhance the capabilities of your machine tool. Our Rotary Table experts can guide you through the process of selecting the right CNC Rotary Table and integration solution for your machine tool and manufacturing process. Our customized, turnkey, integration services include everything you need to retrofit your machine and produce complex parts.

Doosan Mynx 5400 integrated with a Kitagawa MR-250R.j-max rotary table


We are the exclusive U.S. integrator for D'Andrea systems (distributed by Ingersoll).  The D'Andrea U-axis head is a CNC controlled linear axis which is mounted into the machine spindle.  When interfaced with the CNC, it can perform all types of cylindrical and conical boring, facing, threading, corner rounding, and spherical operations.  Our expertise with the electrical and mechanical installation requirements for the D'Andrea U-axis head is unmatched.

Mitsui Seiki HS6A integrated with a D'Andrea TAC-160 U-Axis head


Automatically verify part dimensions, update tool offsets, and detect tool breakage by retrofitting your CNC machine with touch or laser measurement systems. We offer progressive probe systems configured for your needs, customized software development, professional installation, and training. Our Application Engineers can create custom macro programs to further reduce set-up time, reduce part-to-part load time, and improve part inspection operations.

Renishaw RMP60M probe installed on a machine

Additive Manufacturing

CNC Engineering & Meltio have designed a solution that combines the power & reliability of FANUC CNC with cutting edge additive machining technology. This Hybrid additive + subtractive manufacturing solution has several advantages:

  • One of the most affordable hybrid manufacturing solutions
  • Production savings by reaching nearly 100% material utilization
  • Generating complex geometries in a single process
  • Combine different materials into a single part
  • Utilize Additive Manufacturing in your shop by taking advantage of existing machines, saving floor space

Ready to Enhance Your Machine?

Enhance your machining capabilities with additional axes, rotary tables, Renishaw probes & lasers, D'Andrea U-axis heads, or Meltio 3D Additive solutions