Open Vision™ Grind

Open Vision™ Grind was developed to provide the best of both worlds - the features and performance grinding customers demand with the reliability and acceptability of FANUC commercial control systems. The software simplifies the grinding process while providing helpful tools for both operators and manufacturing engineers alike.

Open Vision™ Grind Standard Features:
  • Vector, Plunge, Oscillation, Contour grind types
  • Multiple wheel, Dress and Work spindle control capability
  • X, Z, X’, Z’, E, U, W, P & C axis control
  • Multi path capability (multiple grinding applications simultaneously) 
  • Database mapping of the grinding process (interface to engineered grind models)
  • CBN wheel control with adaptive cycles availableOpen Vision Grind Pendant for FANUC
  • Gap Elimination, AE sensor interface, and integral gage interface offerings
  • Inch/Metric and Radius/Diameter switching automatic function
  • Integral CAD like programming for dress and grind contouring
  • Visual programming with graphical programming screens
  • Database sharing amongst machines
  • Offline programming software
  • Custom screens development utilizing PC front-end capability
  • Cycle time monitoring
  • Process tools, real time process data capture with graphing 
  • Visual as well as descriptive display of cycle while in process
  • Machine configuration mapping allowing customization per machine
  • Built in debugger allowing offline analysis

Open Vision™ Grind sets a new standard for operator friendliness.  Visit our Image Gallery to learn more. 

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