FANUC CNC Specifications

Follow the links below to view or download a list of the standard features and options available on current FANUC controls, including the 0i, 30i, 31i, 32i and 35i Series

2017 FANUC CNC Functions - Communication - Software Catalog

FANUC 30i Series
          FANUC 30i-BM Specifications
          FANUC 30i-BT Specifications

          FANUC 31i-BM Specifications
          FANUC 31i-BT Specifications
          FANUC 31i-B5M Specifications
          FANUC 31i-B5T Specifications

          FANUC 32i-BM Specifications
          FANUC 32i-BT Specifications

FANUC 35i-B Series
          FANUC 35i-B Specifications

FANUC 0i Series
          FANUC 0i-MF Specifications
          FANUC 0i-TF Specifications

          FANUC 0i-MD Specifications
          FANUC 0i-TD Specifications

          FANUC 0i-MD Mate Specifications
          FANUC 0i-TD Mate Specifications


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