Open Vision™ Grind

Open Vision™ Grind was developed to provide the best of both worlds - the features and performance grinding customers demand with the reliability and acceptability of FANUC commercial control systems. The software simplifies the grinding process for CNC machines like Universal, ID, OD, Vertical, Surface, Race, Bore, Roll, Step, Thread and Creep Feed grinders.  Open Vision™ Grind uses the same interface, regardless of the grinding machine configuration, so operators can easily move between grinders.Open Vision Grind Pendant for FANUC

Open Vision™ Grind Features for Vertical Grinders:

  • Programmable Library of Wheel Types and Quills
  • Programmable Wheel Direction
  • Wheel Changer
  • Multiple Wheelheads on B-axis
  • Calculated X and Z Grind Positions Based on B-axis Angle
  • Dress Based on Wheel Load
  • Dress From the Rear
  • E-axis Editor
  • Peel Grind
  • Dual Path Programming

Open Vision™ Grind Features for Surface Grinders:

  • Oscillation, Plunge, Vector, and Surface Grind Types
  • Separate Cross Feed Data for Coarse, Rough, and Finish
  • C-axis Indexing for Slot Grinding
  • Dynamic Dress for Creep Feeding
  • CNC Sine Bar
  • Y / X Contour Grind

Open Vision™ Grind Features for Race Grinders:

  • E-axis Sweep and Plunge Roll Dressing
  • E-axis Race Editor for Snap Angles, Race Angles, Double StraightGothic Arch
  • Spherical Editor for Two Axes Dresser
  • Crown Dress Editor
  • Gap Elimination
  • InProcess Gage – Discrete or Analog Interface

Open Vision™ Grind Features for Bore Grinders:

  • High Speed Oscillation
  • Gap Elimination
  • InProcess Gage – Discrete or Analog Interface
  • Post Process Gage Interface
  • Constant Power Infeed
  • Skip Dress
  • CBN Adaptive Dress
  • CBN Wheel Conditioning

Open Vision™ Grind Features for Roll Grinders:

  • Custom Roll Crown Editor for profiling Cosine AngleCrown WidthCrown HeightTaper AdjustmentPlunge GrooveSpiral Groove
  • OVGrind’s Generic Sequence Editor for dubs and cutoffs
  • Manual Handle Interrupt allowing the operator to override feed increment
  • Continuous Traverse to semi-automatically discontinue feed increment
  • In-Cycle override of wheel speed
  • In-Cycle override of work speed

Open Vision™ Grind Programmer:

The built-in conversational programmer provides a quick and easy solution for developing complex grinding programs. Editing tools allow users to create new programs from scratch or copy existing programs and edit inputs to easily build a large database of part specific programs and greatly reduce changeover times. Open Vision™ Grind Programmer can be accessed via the HMI PC and/or a desktop PC.Open Vision™ Grind Programmer

The conversational programmer can be configured for:

  • ID and OD Programming in one setup
  • Plunge, Oscillation, Vector, and Contour Grind
  • Mulitple Axes
  • Multiple Wheelheads, Turrets, and Wheel Changers
  • Multiple Dress Configurations and Tools
  • Complex Dress and Grind Contours
  • AE or Wheel Load Gap Elimination
  • InProcess Gage – Discrete or Analog Interface
  • Dual Path Grinding

Open Vision™ Grind sets the industry standard for operator friendliness.  Visit our Image Gallery to learn more. 

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