Open Vision™ Grind

A feature-rich grinding package that can be adapted to most grinding machines, powered by FANUC CNC controls.

HMI Software Designed for CNC Grinders

Open Vision™ Grind was developed to provide the best of both worlds - the features and performance grinding manufacturers demand, with the reliability and acceptability of FANUC CNC control systems. Open Vision™ Grind uses the same interface, regardless of the grinding machine configuration, so operators can easily move between grinders.

The software simplifies the grinding process for CNC grinding machines like:

  • Universal Grinders
  • ID / OD Grinders
  • Vertical Grinders
  • Surface Grinders
  • Race Grinders
  • Bore Grinders
  • Roll Grinders
  • Step Grinders
  • Thread Grinders
  • Creep Feed Grinders

Open Vision™ Grind Programmer

The built-in conversational programmer provides a quick and easy solution for developing complex grinding programs. Editing tools allow users to create new programs from scratch or copy existing programs and edit inputs to easily build a large database of part specific programs and greatly reduce changeover times. Open Vision™ Grind Programmer can be accessed via the HMI PC and/or a desktop PC.

The conversational programmer can be configured for:

  • ID and OD Programming in one setup
  • Plunge, Oscillation, Vector, and Contour Grind
  • Mulitple Axes
  • Multiple Wheelheads, Turrets, and Wheel Changers
  • Complex Dress and Grind Contours
  • AE or Wheel Load Gap Elimination
  • Dual Path Grinding
  • Multiple Dress Configurations and Tools
  • InProcess Gage – Discrete or Analog Interface

Features for Vertical Grinders

- Programmable Library of Wheel Types and Quills
- Programmable Wheel Direction
- Wheel Changer
- Multiple Wheelheads on B-axis
- Calculated X and Z Grind Positions Based on B-axis Angle
- Dress Based on Wheel Load
- Dress From the Rear
- E-axis Editor
- Peel Grind
- Dual Path Programming


Features for Surface Grinders

- Oscillation, Plunge, Vector, and Surface Grind Types
- Separate Cross Feed Data for Coarse, Rough, and Finish
- C-axis Indexing for Slot Grinding
- Dynamic Dress for Creep Feeding
- CNC Sine Bar
- Y / X Contour Grind


Features for Race Grinders

- E-axis Sweep and Plunge Roll Dressing
- Spherical Editor for Two Axes Dresser
- Crown Dress Editor
- Gap Elimination
- InProcess Gage – Discrete or Analog Interface

- E-axis Race Editor for Snap Angles, Race Angles, Double Straight, Gothic Arch


Features for Bore Grinders

- High Speed Oscillation
- Gap Elimination
- InProcess Gage – Discrete or Analog Interface
- Post Process Gage Interface
- Constant Power Infeed
- Skip Dress
- CBN Adaptive Dress
- CBN Wheel Conditioning


Features for Roll Grinders

- OVGrind’s Generic Sequence Editor for dubs and cutoffs
- In-Cycle override of wheel speed
- In-Cycle override of work speed
- Manual Handle Interrupt allowing the operator to override feed increment
- Continuous Traverse to semi-automatically discontinue feed increment
- Custom Roll Crown Editor for profiling Cosine Angle, Crown Width, Crown Height, Taper Adjustment, Plunge Groove, Spiral Groove


Features for Step Grinders

- Probing
- Constant Wheel Surface Speed
- In-Process Gage
- Post Grind Measuring
- Data Entry Locks
- Remount Wheel (Uses Last Wheel Offset)
- Gap Elimination: Acoustic Emission or Wheel Load
- Inch / Metric Data Entry (on-diameter OR on-radius)

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