U-Axis Integration

CNC Engineering is the exclusive U.S. Integrator for D'Andrea U-Tronic NC boring and facing heads

Productivity & Flexibility

The D’Andrea U-Tronic is a NC boring and facing head. When interfaced to the FANUC CNC, the U-Tronic can perform a variety of operations including:

  • outer facing
  • inner facing
  • back facing
  • cylindrical and conical boring
  • threading
  • concave and convex corner rounding
  • spherical operations.

In some cases a simple U-control positioner with a wireless remote is preferred. This axis is not synchronous with the FANUC CNC axes, but it allows turning, boring, facing, internal, external, threading, and conical operations to be performed.

In most applications, the D’Andrea U-Tronic head is fully integrated to the FANUC CNC and loaded into the spindle using the automatic tool changer like any other cutting tool. In the loading process, the U-axis head is coupled to a servomotor which is mounted on the side of the spindle. The U-axis is automatically enabled and the machining process continues uninterrupted. The D’Andrea U-Tronic head is available in several sizes and is compatible with most machining centers.

CNC Engineering has installed D’Andrea U-Tronic systems on a wide variety of vertical and horizontal machining centers. We are the exclusive U.S. Integrator for D’Andrea U-Tronic systems, distributed by Ingersoll, and our experience and expertise with the electrical and mechanical installation requirements for these systems are unmatched.

cutaway view of the viewtronic u-axis drive

Ready to Expand Your Capabilities?

Expand the power of your machining center by integrating a D'Andrea U-Tronic head to perform CNC turning operations.